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Review of ethan frome If you want to see a movie full of guilt love and self destruction, and action, then Ethan Frome is the move for you. The setting of the movie is a little town called Starksfield in the middle of winter in the late 1800's. The movie was filmed in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

The setting has a really great overall effect on the movie. The setting goes along perfect with the characters: dull, harsh, and isolated. The movie was well organized and had a good pace to it. What is really interesting is the added scenes of lust and scandel. The action of the movie was outstanding, it is a realistic life like actions that go on.

This movie follows along well with real life everyday action that actually happens. The movie had a great setup, but the acting was a little to much cause some of the time the actors added a little to much extra in it.

And for the people behind the scene, the movie was well written by Richard Nelson. The snow effects where great I give alot of credit to Wayne Walker and Allen Thresher, Jr. The animal training was also outstanding and credit for that goes to Francis Carlet and Penny Alessio. I would advise anyone who loves to see sex, scandel, lust and corruption to see this movie. This is a great movie for the whole family and to see so go buy a ticket sit back and enjoy the show.