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The Butterfly Effect

"The flap of a wing of a butterfly

Could ultimately cause a tornado"

Chaos Theory

These are the words that greet you in the first scene of 'the Butterfly Effect', and it makes you wonder why that phrase is at all relevant. You do not have much time to think about it though because you are immediately plunged into a chase scene which ends up with a 25 year old, unshaven man, vaguely resembling Jesus, wearing a white gown, like that of a mental institute, hiding under a desk desperately scribbling on a piece of paper

'If you are reading this my plan did not work and I am now dead, but I needed to try and save her.'

I have to admit I thought that this was going to be basically another love story which attempts to wind in a strange plot. This it most certainly was not.

You then go back 15 years and meet the strange man, you know it is him because of his long dark hair and similar face shape, with his mother, she is getting ready to take him to school and so you follow her to pick up her coat and when you return you see the seven-year-old boy standing, completely spaced, holding a knife. This, if you are easily frightened like me, is a moment to make you jump, and it wakens you up and makes you have to think about what is going on.

He then stirs from his trance and he says to his mother,

"Sorry, it was another black-out" and she takes this as a run-of-the-mill occurrence.

They then go to school and she leaves at the gates then she gets a phone call and she has to return to school.

The teacher than calls her...