Review Of the Film Dead Man Walking GCSE Media Assignment (Recieved A)

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GCSE Media Assignment

Dead Man Walking

What do you get when you mix: crime genres, Oscar deserving performances from top actors such as Sean Penn, and Susan Sarandon, mix it all with PolyGram picture company in Hollywood, and direct it by Tim Robbins. This is what you get; an award winning and compelling movie: Dead Man Walking.

The most thrilling scene after the dramatic build up to the end, would definitely be the execution scene of the convicted murderer Matthew Ponsulate. The doomed murderer enters the scene , with two useless security guards clinging to his sides. The metal handcuffs shackling his hands and legs together seem as strong as the relationship he has built with befriended catholic nun Sister Helen Prejan. This scene is the most powerful yet, and emotions run high as she preaches chapters from her bible to fulfill her last hope for him; to forgive him of his sins.

In this scene the true Matthew Ponsulate is shown for the arrogant murderer he is, he is paraded to his death in a pair of embarrassing white slippers and is finally, truly sorry for what he does.

The sister seems desperate to forgive him of all is sins, and becomes saddened deeply, when the security guard tells her "This is as far as you can go maam." Ponsulate disappears into the execution room, and the harsh reality is on them all.

When the Nun is shown entering the execution room, she receives a glare from the smug face of Mr. Delacroix, father of the murdered girl, and seated in front of him, parents of the murdered boy. The director chooses to include the victims families to divide the witnesses up into two groups; those wanting Ponsulate executed, and those who didn't, however it is clear which...