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In the beginning of the film, Libby and Nick are living the good life in their house on the lake. There is a big party, and to Libby's surprise, Nick has offered to take her sailing for the weekend and maybe buy the sailboat. Libby's sister, Angie, offers to baby-sit Mattie, Libby and Nick's four-year-old son, for their trip. So, Libby and Nick go sailing on the beautiful clear ocean doing the wonderful things that grown-ups do, but to Libby's horror, she wakes up in the middle of the night with blood all over her and the boat, with her husband nowhere to be found. On the deck of the boat, she finds a knife, and almost simultaneously to her picking it up, the Coast Guard shines a spotlight on her. It appears as though she has killed her husband. Was this a terrible mistake, or was she framed? Well, she goes to trial, and the overwhelming evidence pointing in her direction is enough to convict her of murder and send her to prison.

Angie adopted Mattie and brought him to see his mother at least once a week, but they soon disappear all together and stop visiting Libby. After about a month, she starts to use her head to search for the location of her son. She called under the identity of Angie checking on her severance check to get their address and phone number. After discovering that they have moved to San Francisco, she calls them. She talks to Angie, but upon speaking to her son, Nick walks in and Mattie says, "Daddy." Then the phone is disconnected, and a flame has sparked in Libby. An inmate, ex-lawyer, advises Libby to just do her time because she can't be convicted of the same crime twice. She states that...