Review of "Kiss Me, Kate"

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Review of "Kiss Me, Kate"

I attended Centre College's production of "Kiss Me, Kate" earlier in the semester and was pleasantly surprised to find the play well acted with vibrant costumes and catchy musical numbers. With songs such as "Another Op'nin', Another Show," "Wunderbar," "So in Love," "Always True to You in My Fashion," "Too Darn Hot," and "Brush Up Your Shakespeare," I found myself tapping my feet along with energetic dancers on stage.

Having never read this play before, I honestly did not know what to expect out of this seemingly popular musical comedy. I suppose what intrigued me the most was the form of frame story in "Kiss Me, Kate" which included scenes from William Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew." Having read this Shakespearean classic before allowed me a little familiarity with the hilarious antics unfolding onstage. With the characters onstage paralleling the actions from this classic comedy, it's no wonder why this play is so popular.

The leading lady did a wonderful job as she epitomized the label of a "shrew." With the shrieking, screaming, and flying objects, one wonders how anyone, least of all the bumbling Petruchio/Fred, would ever be able to tame this irritable woman. I suppose that would be my only complaint in this entire production; the abrupt and unrealistic ending in which Petruchio/Fred finally does tame his feisty ex-wife with an over-the-top dramatic kiss in the conclusion of "Taming of the Shrew." I found her total change of heart disappointing and unconvincing after the entire plot built her character up as a determined and independent woman. She simply gives in after overhearing her ex-husband's confession of love to the audience; and this complete turnaround for her character after two full acts of ranting and raving. I suppose this...