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This movie is about a young girl living in Paris, France. At first glance she seems to be an ordinary girl whose job is to serve in local coffee shop, who lives alone in a nice neighborhood and sometimes visits her old father outside the city. Her life changes when she finds an old box containing small treasures of a boy that lived half a century ago. Anonymously she returns it to the owner and watches from a distance how his life changes in some kind of magical way.

This is where she starts to change everyone's lives depending on what they deserve. Bad people have to learn they lesson and good ones get what they have earned. She always hides behind a veil of a mystery and anonymity, until she meets a man just as eccentric as she is. Though she has helped so many, when she falls in love, she is not that sure if she can help herself in the same way.

With severe haircut and lively brown eyes Audrey Tautou fits perfectly in the part of Amelie, whose character is supposed to be playful and very romantic, as she never really grew up. Amelie is also pure, because she didn't experience too much happiness or sorrow in her life yet. She sees everything as it was for the first time.

When she does something, she always imagines how people would love and honor her for her actions, though those dreams are just her imagination and she enjoys staying invisible. She sees herself as some kind of a hero, Zorro that rescues the ones in need when they least expect it. She constructs puzzles and tries to bring excitement not only to the lives of others, but in her own life too.

The good figments...