A review on the movie "The Brotherhood of the Wolves"

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Le Pacte des Loups

The film was about a a town myth and legend about an existence of a wolf or a deadly monster. In their old town, the number of lost people in the forest is increasing. The movie was filled with action that there are rare boring parts. The plot for the film seems to be divided into two parts. The first half of the tale deals with the envoy sent by the king of France to investigate the attacks by the rarely-seen beast. In the second half of the film, the story turns to intrigue, as the hero is forced to fight not only the monster, but also ignorance and bigotry. Many conflicts were presented, one is the conflict between Fronsac's girl and her brother who happens to like her own sister. Another is ofcourse, their problem with the wolf, which happened to be being protected and trained to be bad by a certain community who plot to take over the town by the use of the monster, which is the wolf.

The characterization on the film was great. They act really well. French girls were really beautiful and so with the French guys. The film was action - packed. Their -movements were great. The stunts were well - executed. Their acting was good, and it's full of emotions. They conveyed the right expressions. They were able to project and portray and project their characters well. It's both full of drama and action. In the drama part, they were able to bring out the right expressions, and as if they're really on the situation, they really acted well. On the action part, all of them were full of action and they were able to put together stunts and at the same time acting. Their stunts...