This is a review on the movie "The Mission" , it is about the Gurani Indian tribes of South America in the colonies chaninging into Portuguese rule.

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I thought the movie "The Mission" was good. It was interesting and told a story well. It had nice scenery and told a story well. I liked that it used the native Guarani Indians that seemed to add effect, and depicted their lifestyle as realistic as possible. The actors in the movie did a good job acting, including DeNiro. I thought that this was a very good film considering that it is a religious movie. Usually religious movies are more boring, seem to have a lower budget, and a more no-name cast.

My only dislike would have to be that there is a lot of dialogue in the native language. It is done that way to add effect, but I feel that if there was more in English, it would be easier to understand. However, I can respect that all of the Guarani Indians spoke their native language throughout the whole movie, because if you were in the position of being one of the missionaries, you would have to decipher what they were saying.

In the movie, Father Gabriel was a Jesuit missionary to the Guarani Indians, who was played by Jeremy Irons. Father Gabriel was a brave person for going to help convert the indians even though the previous priest was thrown over the Iguazu Falls. He lived by the Jesuit lifestyle, focusing on teaching and preaching. Father Gabriel was patient and slowly showed the Gospel to the Guarani people. He respected their ways of life. He gradually adapted to their lifestyle in certain ways. The focal point was to get the indians to understand the teachings of the Gospel. It is most important for them to know the major points and lessons from the Bible, such as the Ten Commandments. Father Gabriel spread the Christian message, and...