Review of the movie the natral by sam malamud very well writtem i got an a on it.

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the natrual is a great and entertaining book chersihed by me and im sure you will enjoy the booktoo.

Lady in the Hotel - This is What Happened

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Remember when Roy was sitting at a nightclub table with Memo Paris, Max Mercy and Gus Sands? (Roy was performing his magic trick with the silver dollars). During the conversation Gus mentioned that Roy had cost him some money that day from a good performance that day. Roy said, "I didn't know you could bet against your own team." Gus said, "Sure kid. You can bet on anything. I once bet $100,000 on three straight pitches." Roy asked him how he did and Gus said, "I didn't. But I ruined the guy with another deal."

Roy knew then that Gus was the person behind his being shot seventeen years earlier.

Remember the scene at the country fair where Roy was knocking down bottles and the Whammer came up to him? It was Harriet Bird that instigated the challenge between Roy and the Whammer. Her job was to help setup lopsided bets between sport figures for her bookie friend, Gus. Roy won that challenge but paid the price by costing Gus so much money.

She jumped out of the window, probably out of the guilt of shooting Roy and all the other atheletes that received silver bullets from her gun on behalf of working with Gus. (If you backtrack everything about Sam Simpson, Roy's friend on the train, she probably got him too. Remember, Sam died before Max Mercy could get the whole story on Roy and Max wanted the story the next day on the train. Sam went to bed early because he "wasn't feeling well".

Seventeen years...