A review of the movie "October Sky"

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October sky

The movie "October sky" shows for as a life story of Homer Hickam. If be more strictly, this is not of all life story, this is only few months from Homer's youth in Coalwood town, West Virginia in the 1957 year, bat this few months defined of all his succeeding life. Only this couple months reversal his life from ordinary high school student, future coalminer to "Rocket boy", future NASSA engineer.

His life was changed by Russian Sputnik, which overpowered in the sky above his town. It was above his head only several minutes but those few minutes were going to change his mind, in a very significant way. From this moment he found the dream of his life. It was his own dream about space. This dream stand aside from conventional life's way of his town, but this was his way of setting first precedent in his town when boys didn't came after school on the coalmine Homer didn't have understanding from his father, principal of his school, other students of school, who were successful mambas of baseball team.

They had success in this life, they kept themselves aloof, and they didn't wont to change life of their town. They were afraid of any thing new in their life. Once Homer had support from others people of his town who was unsatisfied with their life, who killed once there dream and try to get their own dream across to help Homer's dream. These are Homer's father's coworkers, Homer's classmates, who didn't see way to their success in the Coaltown. Another person, who helps Homer, was his science Miss Frieda Riley. This woman shows for us example of dignity and genuine love for her vocation, with competence in helping people find the best...