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The initial reason NATO gave for involvement in Yugoslavia was to avoid a wider Balkan war, but once Serbia began accelerating their campaign of ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, NATO's reason for fighting changed to preventing a human rights calamity. As Nazi Germany is fresh in the minds of many, and survivors of the death camps are still with us today. No one wants to make a mistake and wait as the so-called "ethnic cleansing" is in full swing. Yet, the bombings seemed to have brought even more mayhem, something not unexpected. It was justifiable as had nothing been done, ethnic cleansing would continue. It seems as there is something being done about the problem. Although this may seem to be the case, however it could be questioned whether it is necessary such military force be used by NATO onto Yugoslavia. Another question about the attack is that the ethnic cleansing had been going on for some periods.

The question is why does NATO interfere over human rights violations in Yugoslavia after such near-decade-long silence?

The bombing was of political reasons suggested by some. Although NATO is made up of an international community, the true power is that of the United States, with Britain as a close second. The critics of the action contend that Milosevic is made out to be a "Hitler" by NATO which is a way to justifying the bombing. The United Nations took a back seat in terms of the Kosovo crisis but finally become involved. The U.N. proposed that if the Serbs would pull out, a peace keeping force could in fact be led by the U.N. as opposed to NATO. Many ask why didn't the United Nations become involved sooner and question the U.N.'s role in the new world order anyway. The Kosovo peace...