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The movie Gettysburg while doing a great job telling the story of the summer days of 1863, I did not like it for it was very long and drug out the story in my opinion. The story tells the story of only a few days in the summer of 1863; June 30, 1863, the day before the battle of Gettysburg, marks the begging of the movie and mainly focuses on Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and his defense of Little Round Top. And then the film later shifts to focus on Major General George Pickett and his 15,000 men in the Confederate Army that were fighting the Unions on Cemetery Ridge. The movie has many slow parts that I did not like but does have a very good plot and has some action that is really good.

The beginning of the film sets the stage and begins to develop some of the characters.

The movie starts to pick up when it goes to confrontation between General Buford and his troops and the Confederate army. This confrontation goes on for a while, much longer then seemed necessary and even with all the action going on I eventually became bored. Finally, once the confrontation was over the movie shoots to the morning of July 2nd where there is the defense of Little Roundtop. This defense led by Colonel Chamberlain and similar to before is stretched on for a long time. Next the movie shoots over to General Lee as he prepares his attack. There are many different arguments over the attack as Lieutenant General Longstreet disagrees with what is planned to happen, however he is ignored and is not picked to be in charge. The leadership goes to a man named Picket.

This is where the film regained my interest as Picket took...