Review- "The Ring"

Essay by m_iria_m August 2004

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Ahhh... they don't make movies like they used to. This is my third movie review, you wont see a pattern in the movies I like to watch as many of you have rated my 'Gangs of New York' review, and less my 'Lord of the Rings- The two Towers' review. Yet, here is a new one for the collection. Its not a fantasy or a action movie, but a horror, one I never usually watch, yet this movie, 'The Ring' stuck out, so here is number three in my movie reviews, enjoy.

I don't know why, but directors and producers across the globe fail to see why The Lord Of The Ring is the best movie in the genre ever made, it lazily makes its way to the end, letting your mind wander to make what it will of the sound and vision you see before you. It is the absolute master of the game.

The Blair Witch Project had the spirit but not the delivery. My Little Eye was another valiant attempt, and honestly speaking, that's about all I can say about The Ring.

Essentially a remake of Hideo Nakata's cult horror flick Ringu, The Ring tries hard in all the right places. To be fair, it comes close , damn close - but as with all things cinematically American these days, it insists on coloring in all the spaces just in case our imaginations let us down at the vital moment.

Opening with two teenage girls discussing an urban myth about a video that kills you after you watch it, the film quickly moves into it's prime, doing a cracking job of scaring the holy crap out of people who need to get out more. Enter Naomi Watts, who after this excellent performance has assured herself...