A review of Robert Dallek's, John F. Kennedy, An Unfinished Life

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Robert Dallek wrote John F. Kennedy, An Unfinished Life 1917- 1963. The book was wonderfully written and did a very superior job on covering all aspects of JFK's life, without being bias or unfairly portraying him. The book was about John F. Kennedy's life as a whole. It covered John's early years up to his death in 1963. Another interesting thing was that it included a variety of history and information on his ancestry and other siblings and family. The main focus of the book however, was on John's short 3-year term and the conflicts and challenges that confronted him in the White House.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 and was the second of nine children of Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. John was brought up into a life of privilege and benefits, and therefore did not have an average childhood. He attended elite boys preparatory schools such as Canterbury School and Choate Academy in Wallingford, Connecticut.

After graduating from prep school he attended college a Princeton but soon dropped out. After dropping out from Princeton he decided to attend Harvard University, and graduated with a major in international relations and in government. He did not know what life he should lead, but only knew that because of his family name he would be pressured into a career of importance and significance.

John's life was filled with challenges and conflicts, but none was quite as big as his overwhelming medical problems. "...Jack's (Jack is his nickname) fear that he was slated for an early demise, making him almost manic about packing as much pleasure into his life as he could in the possibly short time remaining to him"(78). His medical problems were the reason he led the exciting and monumental life he did;...