A Review of "Run Lola Run"

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Movie Review - "Run Lola Run" "Run Lola Run" is a simple easy-to-understand plot which can be said in one short and sweet sentence: Lola must come up with a 00,000 marks in order to save her boyfriend, Manni's life. But the twist is, that Lola only has twenty minutes to accomplish this almost seemingly impossible task. It's basically a race against the clock. And time will never tell what might happen next. The scenario is that Manni works for a gangster and when it's time for him to drop off the money he realizes that he left the bag on the train. While trying to board the train again it pulls away from the station and Manni notices that some bum has picked up his bag. This is when all hell starts to break out. Will Manni or Lola be able to conquer this unbelievable obstacle? You will just have to rent the movie in order to find out!! The only part of this film I sort of liked I guess you can say, was the cause and effect relationship.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and this film is a great example of such. In "Run Lola Run" Lola is the main cause. If it wasn't for her certain things would've never happened. Lola happens to change everyone lives that she happens to stumble upon during her ordeal to collect 00,000 marks. For example Lola comes into contact with all the same people in all three different scenarios of the movie but at different times. And every single time Lola happens to say something different to those people when she passes them by. One of my favorites was when Lola bumped into the lady with the baby stroller. As Lola...