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Staring JACKIE CHAN, CHRIS TUCKER, JOHN LONE, ZHANG ZIYI, ALAN KING, and ROSELYN SANCHEZ the movie "Rush Hour 2" could be considered to be one of the funniest movies of the year; even though, critics think that it is not as "fresh or funny as the first one", and "it lack some of the intricacy normally seen in Chan's films".

LAPD detective James Carter arrives in Hong Kong to spend his vacation with his friend Chief Inspector Lee of the Royal Hong Kong Police. While carter is looking forward to relax and enjoy the exotic delights, inspector Lee continues his obligations of a policeman. Without telling Carter the true where and why, Lee is dragging him around the city in search of Ricky Tan who is the suspect of the bomb that exploded in U.S embassy, killing two U.S. Customs agents who had been inspecting a "money smuggling ring" that is printing and transporting millions in "superbills", high-grade counterfeit U.S

$100 bills. After visiting a karaoke bar, the Heaven on Earth massage parlor, and a party on Tan's yacht. Carter and Lee fly to Los Angeles to continue the chase. Being caught by Tan's people they are kidnapped to Las Vegas, and on the opening night of a casino Red Dragon the main action begins.

If you saw the first "Rush Hour", expect to see the same thing just with "Scary Movie" kind of humor. It is a good, funny movie that is worth watching.