A review of Scott Fitzergerald's "The Great Gatsby"

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In today society, many people like to follow the

current. They want to catch the wave. Which mean, it does not

matter if things were good or bad, right or wrong, they just

follow and do them without any thinking. Therefore, there are

not too many people would like to be a normal, thoughtful nor

neutral person. However, in the novel, The Great Gatsby, by

Scott Fitzgerald, one of the character name is Nike Carroway, he

was the good and neutral narrator. It was because, in the novel,

he analyzed all of the things with regard to accuracy of


In The Great Gatsby, when Mr.Gatsby told Vick he wanted

to return the past over again with his lover- Daisy, Nike

Carroway warned him to give it up, because it was impossible.

Unforturately, Mr.Gatsby was not believe it. So at the end,

Mr.Gatsby's dream still had not came true because Daisy did not

break up with Tom and go with him.

It can be seen in the last

chapter on the novel, when Gatsby was murder, Daisy went to

somewhere else with her husband, and did not go to Gatsby's


I called up Daisy half and hour after we found him,

called her instinctively and without hersitation. But

she and Tom had gone away early that afternoon, and

taken baggage with them.

Therefore, Nike Carroway's analysis was right by these

clear observation.

However, Nike Carroway is a good narrator, he sees

everything happen and does not trust everybody easily. So during

the people discuss about something at a time, he does not believe

it is true. After he proves it, he will accept the truth.

Moreover, when Nike went to Gatsby's party, there is a

drunk lady telling everyone Gatsby killed a...