A review of the soul catcher

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The Transmission

This story is horrific. People coming to your home and taking you away to a far off country. You would think that the slaves would be worth enough money for them to give them adequate living conditions, so they could at least survive the trip to the new land. These blacks would be slaves and could be sold for huge amounts of money. The crew of the ship must have lost enormous amounts of potential money in their own negligence.

I found it very interesting in this story how the white people were referred to as phantoms. This fit because the white people looked like ghosts in comparison to the blacks, and the evil deeds that they were committing. When Malawi lost his brother one of the phantoms claimed he knew how he felt, but that was not nearly the case. Malawi lost his entire life and then lost the rest of his will to live along with his brother.

I'm sure the phantom had never lost the will to live.


This story is depressing in the fact that Tiberius told them everything that they wanted to know and they still would take him into the barn to be executed. This shows that the whites had such a low opinion of the blacks that one that barely participated in the revolt, who had been a loyal servant and was willing to continue in his work would still be killed. Tiberious seemed like a good man and not as a slave that deserved to die.

The slave revolt came from the harsh treatment of the masters and Tiberious didn't experience much of this. He really was a middleman neither side really liked him. The slaves didn't like him because they thought he had a easier job working inside...