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Children and America SchoolsThe state of public schools, particularly in Ohio is quite poor and declining. Due to a lack of facilities and resources, obtaining a decent education becomes quite a task. The trends are rather disturbing. It would cost billions of dollars to fix up the Ohio public schools, money which I think would be well spent.

Although it is a teacher's responsibility to educate the children, the teacher can only work with the resources they have. Many of these buildings that are used as schools were condemned and not even close to being up to code. They were poor school districts with limited space, supplies, and resources. Many of the school buildings had ceilings that were leaking and the classrooms were cold and dirty. This is all very demoralizing for both the teachers and the students.

On average, the teachers had to spend anywhere from $500 to $1500 out of their own pockets just to be able to have enough supplies to function as a normal classroom.

Many of these poor schools have outdated and damaged books. If the teachers have low morale and aren't motivated to teach the students due to the poor working conditions, the students aren't going to learn anything.

The poor conditions make the students feel bad about themselves. They feel that they aren't important and neither is their education. The quality of the schools depends on the wealth base across the state so these poor quality schools are attempting to educate the very poor children.

This all ends up creating a cycle of poverty which is nearly impossible for these children to break out of. These poor students receive a poor quality education which makes it difficult for them to compete for good quality jobs. In the past it was somewhat easier because...