A review of "the story of Daisy Mille"r By Henry James.

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Daisy Miller: A Study

In the story Daisy Miller by Henry James, the character Daisy Miller is portrayed as being a typical American flirt. In Europe the manner of young unmarried women is not that of Miss Daisy Miller. Throughout the story other character, helping to come to the conclusion that she is a flirt observes her flirtatious behavior. Her male friend, Winterbourne, is the object of her flirtatious manner. The question of her being a flirt or being an innocent young lady is raised but clearly answered by the following incidents.

At the beginning of the story, after being introduced to Winterbourne, Daisy arranges a trip with him to visit the Chateau de Chillon. Shortly afterwards Daisy seems to test hi feelings towards her by asking if he would like to take her out that night in a boat to the Chillon. She was excited to see that he would be delighted to take her, but the thought of it was unacceptable to Mrs.

Miller and their courier, Eugenio, and they suggested that she stay. Winterbourne thought differently and insisted that she go to keep him from making a fuss over it. "Oh I hoped you would make a fuss! Said Daisy. I don't care to go now." Daisy really did not want to go from the start; she only wanted to know if Winterbourne was attracted to her.

Another incident that displays her flirting is when Winterbourne tells her that he has to leave going back to Geneva the next day. She responds to his announcement by asking him to promise her that he will come to Rome in the winter to see her. In return of his visit, she would stop "teasing" him. Daisy made it seem as if she were interested in him, but...