Review: "Twelfth Night" by W. Shakespeare.

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Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" is an entertaining and captivating romantic comedy of light and shade, placed in a festive atmosphere in which three couples are brought together happily. This was a greatly entertaining production that brought life and lightheartedness to basic social concerns and the concept of love triangles that universally cross time and generations. I believe it was important to realize the play is not completely realistic to allow for empathy with certain characters and to allow myself to relate to the situations. Overall, this production was more than just entertaining; it was thought provoking and at times emotional.

I believe this production allowed the audience to empathize with the characters, though it is imperative to view the play as not intended to be realistic to allow for empathy. To have a comedy of complete humor there would be no balance and hence no avenue for audience interaction.

I think the balance of tragedy to comedy allowed the play to have its desired effect.

I also think the characters are plausible, or realistic, at least for their time. I saw the characters of "Twelfth Night" are neither bluntly humorous nor completely tragic but rather a skilled balance of both that fit the plot well.

I believe the ideas in this play to have merit. I saw "Twelfth Night" as largely about social concerns. The social messages in "Twelfth Night" were largely about the need for a balance in life and that you should not judge on appearance, as they can be deceptive and also, the importance of self awareness and the humor in the lack of. Humor is used in conjunction with pain in order to contrast the comedy and accentuate the themes. The plot of Twelfth Night explores many social issues in it's comedy yet is...