Review of Two Great Aricles

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Review of the two Articles

If I say that these articles really were the panacea for me that would seem too dramatic a statement to make. However, I feel that in the midst of the daily monotonous routine when I read something which forces me to think and really examine myself, my actions in the light of my ultimate aim in life it really is a welcome change.

Of late there has been this sense of inevitability that I had begun to feel that there was not much I could do about my future or even about my present. I saw myself as being trapped in some mindless litany where we all were competing with each other. I do not know for what were we competing, was it for the kind of jobs we will be getting but that appeared improbable as all of us have different ideas of what we want from our lives, was it for grades, but that did not make sense either because almost all of us agree that grades do not capture your knowledge or your application, or was it for excellence that we were competing, now again all of our definition of excellence is different so how could it be that we were competing for that.

I think that most others' situation will be similar to mine as we all are competing but we know not for what. We are al just flowing with the tide without sparing a moment to think as to where are we moving and is this where we really set out to move to.

I read 'Discovering Your Mission' first and even though words Vision/Mission were clichés to me this article turned out to be a welcome surprise. Instead of some abstruse and arcane gyan, the article...