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There is something absolutely magical about excellent a cappella music that takes my breath away. And that’s why I joined the WSU A Cappella Choir, an outstanding classical choral group. We had our first concert on the March 6th 2006, at the Wiedemann Hall. It was called, “A World of Music”. Dr. Tom Wine was the director of the event.

Dr. Wine is a professor of music education and director of choral activities at Wichita State University.

It was not my first concert to be sung in front of nearly 100ppl. But it was the First time in an A Cappella Choir. I was in the Tenor 2 group. While the Tenor 1s and Altos were on the left-hand side, Basses and Sopranos were on my right-hand side. We were ordered to ware a black tux and girls wore the blackfrock.

Robinson Middle school Women’s were the first to perform on the stage.

The director of this choir is Mr. Nick Charvat, and Mr. Tony Goin was the accompanist. They performed four songs which are,Psal67 -arr. Julie KnowlesI am his child -arr. Moses HoganCome in from the Firefly Darkness -arr. Amy F.BernonComing Home -arr. Jay AlthouseThe second performance of the night was by the East High Madrigals. Directed by Mr. Doug Riney and accompanied by Mrs. Jesse Warkentin. They performed five songs which are,Say Love -DowlandO My Love’s Like a Red Red Rose -DickauIIest bel et bon-PassereauSing Me to Heaven-GawthropShut de do -arr. HayesIf anybody asks me the favorite song among these five, I’d say, Shut de do. Because Shut de do is kind of a fast moving song and when they were singing the harmony phrasing were very tight and very effective. But still it would be much better if they tried to put some effort to move...