Reviewing & Critiquing 'Dying Earth' and 'The Way I See Things'

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Year 12 students of 2013 Richard Mildren and Zoe Lawrence use very different subject matter and media in their artwork to communicate their intended meaning. While they both use different subject matter, Mildren uses human forms representing nature dying whereas Lawrence reflects on herself.

Dying Earth by Richard Mildren is a mixed media artwork including photography, inks and photo manipulation. His artwork consists of three panels, each with a human form and a different type of pollution that affects the Earth is shown. The face of the form rots away gradually, continuing to the last panel. These human forms represent nature dying due to the pollution of the Earth, allowing a large audience to relate with the communication of loss and grief depicted within the image. His artwork portrays the effect of pollution has on the environment and visualised with sombre colours representing the polluted environment. The image is built up with environmental issues including oil pollution, air pollution and deforestation. Finally, the focal point is the human form due to its positioning and detail and in addition, the tone of this artwork is rather bold.

Mildren's artwork was originally developed through his strong emotional connection with nature and his feelings towards the lack of consideration shown in modern day society. His aim was to search for a way to boldly show his opinion whilst also having a large impact on the viewer, causing them to reconsider their personal impact on the environment.

Mildren creates a strong, meaningful message where as Lawrence's artwork is a personal reflection of herself - imagination and fun named, 'The Way I See things'. Her artwork is a simple picture of her doing what she loves, surrounded by little creatures from her imagination. The media used were simply a pencil and a camera to...