Revised Proposal on Gustav Klimt

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When I first began designing my artwork I was planning on creating a

piece that portraied the Ying-Yang using the image of a demon and an angel ,

but then I realized that it might be more interesting if I create something

different for a change . I decided to design my artwork from how I was

feeling at that moment instead of designing something off my thoughts about

life .

The artwork the I have created is based on the way I have been feeling

lately . I feel like a failure because pf the marks I received on my report card .

It feels like my life is being torn apart . To portray this effect I created a

figure out of black plastic sheet , who's body is shattering apart by beems of

light that represent his emotions . I used the elements and principles of

design when focusing on the dominance, movement, and variety in the piece .

I used the colour black only in the figure so that it would catch the viewers

eye. Movement is shown in the shapes that are breaking off the figures body .

variety is used in the background shapes . I used warm and cool colours and

jagged shapes in the background to create a broken glass effect while the

pink background gives an infinit effect .

When I started my artwork , my first sketches where created using my

own style .When I finished my second finished sketch I decided to use my

mentor's (Gustav Klimt) style in my artwork . I accomplished this mixing

realism and abstract . Abstract was used in the background and realism was

used in the proportions of the figure .

In the future I plan to create more...