The Revolt Of A Mother

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A Woman's Metamorphosis A revolt of a mother is a very inspiring story of a woman who not only wants to be an obedient and a loyal wife but also a very good mother. This story was written at a time when patriarchal families were very dominant in the society in which a male was the provider and the head of the family and a female was the housekeeper and the mother of his children. At that time it was expected that from a woman to accept her husband's decision without a word. This story is about a woman's domestic uprising directly against her husband's decision and indirectly against the prescribed norms of the society.

Mr. And Mrs. Penn were married for forty years now. At the time of their marriage Mr. Penn had promised Mrs. Penn a decent house on a piece of land as soon as they were well off.

But even after so many years of marriage Mr. Penn did not fulfill his promise even though he was capable enough to do so. Mr. Penn went on to make money by buying more cattle and making new barns without looking back to his family and providing them with a basic necessity "“ "Home". Mrs. Penn was upset very upset when he went on to make a new barn on a piece of land on which he had promised to make a new home. He neither discussed anything with her nor did he tell her about his decision. Mrs. Penn would have accepted his this decision very quietly if it would not have been her daughter's upcoming marriage. She wanted to provide her daughter with a decent place to get married in and also wanted to live neatly after so many years of marriage. Even...