What is a Revolution?

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Revolutions in general involve some form of change. They usually involve sudden events and have significant and broad effects on the society in which the revolution is taking place. Unlike a rebellion or insurrection, which is similar to a rebellion but is less organised in offensive and political tactics, a revolution is generally successful in overthrowing the government and/or ruling system. There are three different types of revolutions; they are Political Revolutions, Social Revolutions, and Technological Revolutions.

Political Revolutions are mass movements in which all of the society is inevitably involved or affected. They are always aimed at the government or current ruling class and involve the transfer of political power from the current group to a new revolutionary government. They also involve, in addition to political change, gradual long term social change in which all the facts of society (economic, cultural, and psychological) are changed. In general, Political Revolutions are unauthorised or illegal - there is no lawful provision for change in a revolution.

Political Revolutions almost always involve the use of threat or violence.

Social Revolutions involve a change in the social status of a particular nation or nations. One such social revolution that has occurred in the past was the sexual revolution which mainly took place during the 1960s - 70s after the release of 'the pill', a drug used to prevent contraception. This then created an outburst in sexual acts and experimentation.

Technological Revolutions involve the change of the use of technology in everyday lives. One of the largest technological revolutions was that of the computer revolution, which saw the development of high powered complex computers used to boost efficiency in the workplace as well as the home. However, the introduction of the personal computer, despite creating thousands of high-tech jobs, saw the loss of millions...