The Revolution of 1800

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French and English at war in 1793-British started to attack the American ships --> john Jay-agree to move troops and agree to open up more trade with the United States-French started to attack American shipsJefferson and Madison thought that the national bank was unconstitutional-in the 1790’s both believed constitution should not be interpreted in any loose way-wanted to fix the foreign policy problems-Federalists control Congress and Supreme court → how does the minority stand up for themselves-the state should be able to intervene to protect the rights of the minorityAaron Burr receives the same number of electoral votes as Jefferson-finally Jefferson is President and delivers an inaugural address1. Why was the election of 1800 called The Revolution of 1800?-a government dominated by old elites was being replaced by Democratic Republicans-one faction loses power and the other takes over --> traditionally through conflict and violence-this one wasn’t --> here in 1800 was the first peaceful group from one group to another in modern history-had to be determined Congress – made it even more extraordinary2.

What is the significance of Jefferson’s inaugural address?-tries to be a more democratic type of president --> appealed to many people-assurance that he wants to bring everyone together-he is not going to be vindictive in anyone --> everyone is going to benefit from his administration-focused on the unity that everyone shares and how important that is-pulling everybody in saying that they are all the same --> we’re all Republicans, we’re all Federalists-majority that is important to Jefferson, wants to build up military-withdraws the warships --> can’t compete with England and France in terms of navy-the problems of the Europe (corrupt old World) – the United States open for immigrants to come over-stated how he wanted to create a new political economy-called for equality in both religious...