The Revolution of Aphrodite De Knidos(this paper is supposed to be on how the image of the naked female had shifted considerably after the creation of Aphrodite de Knidos)

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The subject of female sexuality has been an important issue throughout time. Some people believe that traditionally class is partially defined by women who are modestly covered, keeping their sexuality a mystery to men with wondering eyes. Others disagree, believing that even a woman of high class has the birth given privilege to use her sexuality to achieve power and control over a predominately male dominated society. In this case, freedom to express one's sexuality is often believed to be a large aspect of liberty. The sculpturor, Praxiteles raised this controversial issue by making the first nude female called "Aphrodite De Knidos" at around 340 BCE during the Late Classical period. This idea turned art masterpiece, brought a whole new perspective on the role of women in the early Greek society.

Kouroi (standing male statues) and Korai (standing female statues) emerged during the Archaic period. Both Koroi and Korai were symbolic of the ideal men and women of utmost prestige.

Kouroi usually emblematized Gods, warriors, and athletes and Korai often represented deities, priestesses and nymphs (female immortals who served the Gods). However, Kouroi were made nude and Korai were made clothed. This was because the women in Greek society were sheltered from the outside world and were expected to tend to household duties. This barrier between women and men was also intended to keep men from being distracted from their socially given duties to create and sustain an ordered society, ensuring the safety of the city-state.

According to Pliny, Aphrodite de Knidos' bare feminine allure was undeniably distracting. Aphrodite de Knidos was a distinct change from the covered and more conservatively posed Kore of the Archaic period. However, during the early Classical period the sensual curvature of the female figure was more noticeably visible, such as in the...