Revolution: What Happened in Vegas Surely Didn’t Stay There

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Chris Ford

Instructor Schmidt

English 122

5 October 2014

Place Essay

Revolution: What Happened in Vegas Surely Didn't Stay There

Some call it "Sin City". Las Vegas is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah; people travel countless miles from all walks of the globe for the flashing lights that illuminate the never-ending nightlife. Millions of dollars for entertainment and debauchery filter through the hands of people looking for opportunity and their next big break. For me, this place was the home of my big break. Placed in this world, born to do great things, I always knew I was meant for more. In the summer of 2013, I found my place, my orientation for life. I was enlightened. One can find Vegas on any map of the United States, but what happened in that place has forever changed the way I saw the world.

Growing up in the suburbs of Pleasanton, I couldn't have asked for a more privileged childhood.

From our quaint Downtown to the nationally recognized superb schooling system, Pleasanton has shaped many of my standards and beliefs of upper-middle class America.

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As a child, much of my time was spent in front of a screen. Already sheltered from diversity and the world around me by living in a primarily white neighborhood, video games and television only kept me further ignorant. I was

comfortable in this realm of mine, living in a virtual world through a television kept me entertained, but more importantly it restricted me from exploring the world. Growing up, video games and television consumed a large majority of my time outside of school and sports. Besides, school came easily to me, so in my younger years I felt that I didn't really need to spend much time outside of school on...