Revolutionary War

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Lexington and Concord- April 19 1775: 70 minutemen on a village green stepped in the way of 700 British troops. British ordered them to disburse. While disbursing a man shot a British troop, this was the shot heard around the world. Later while the troops were going to Concord 4,000 Americans picked them off.

Bunker Hill- June 17 1775: Gage sent out 2,400 redcoats to Bunker Hill where the colonists were waiting for them. The colonist held their fire until the last minute and then began to mow down the redcoats. The British then made a 2nd and 3rd attack, which succeeded but only because of the colonist ran out of ammo.

Battle of New York- March 1776: British decided to seize New York in hopes of isolating New England. Howe brothers sailed in to New York Harbor with about 32,000 men. Washington got 23,000 men but was heavily outnumbered and was forced to retreat.

Trenton, New Jersey- December 25, 1776: Washington led 2,400 me across the Delaware River to Trenton, New Jersey, where they surprise attacked the Hessians, German mercenaries or hired soldiers or redcoats. The Americans defeated the British in this battle.

Princeton, New Jersey- The victory of Trenton, New Jersey was followed by another victory against British Troops at Princeton, New Jersey.

Brandywine Creek- Spring 1777: General Howe plans on taking the American capital at Philadelphia. Troops left New York and sailed down to Chesapeake Bay and landed near August. Washington's troops tried to hold off the British at Brandywine Creek but did not succeed. Americans lost this battle.

Germantown- August 1777: General Howe stayed in Philadelphia's homes with grateful Loyalists. Later a strike against the British in Germantown was also a result in an American defeat.

Saratoga- October 17, 1777: American troops surrounded Burgoyne at Saratoga...