Revolutionary War

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During the years 1775 till around 1783 a war was going on. This war was called the Revolutionary war. In this war the Americans and the British were fighting. They were constantly fighting over freedom and land. Each of the two sides had strengths and weaknesses. The strengths of the British helped the Americans, which were once part of England, to win the war but their weaknesses almost cost them the war.

The Americans were a pretty strong colony. They had the advantage over the British in some areas of battle while others they were weak against. Some of the Americans weaknesses were: They were familiar with the American surroundings because they had been there for a while. They had the leadership of Gorge Washington, which was the most outstanding man in America at that time, and other officers were also there. Another strength of the Americans was they had an inspiring cause to fight, which was independence.

Unlike the British the Americans fought for a worthy cause while the British Just fought to keep the Americans under British rule.

Great Britain had totally different strengths than that of the Americans, which did not help the Americans to reach independence at all. The British troops had strengths that were the complete opposite of the Americans. The British had more strengths than the Americans. Some of the British's strengths were: They had a strong, well-trained army and navy. They had a strong central government with available funds. They also had the support of colonial loyalists and Native Americans, which gave them more troops to fight with.

Many of the Americans were in doubt about winning the war. Some people that were in doubt about the war switched sides in the war. This proved as one of the few weaknesses of...