"The Revolutionary War."

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The book, "The Revolutionary War", just included the important things that had happened directly before the war, during the war, and directly after the war. It starts off in 1763, with the end of the French and Indian War, and ends with a treaty in 1783.

In chapter one, they talk about why the war had begun. It starts off talking about the better times in the colonies. Being 3000 miles away from Britain, they weren't effected by the $30 billion debt in Britain, yet. So while Britain was in trouble, America was thriving. Agriculture was America's backbone. Almost all of America's 2.5 million population were farmers.

In chapter one, they also talk about The Proclamation of 1763. This is what began the series of things that had happened to cause the war to most American's eyes. It was issued in 1763 by King George III. He had warned the colonists not to push across the Allegheny Mountains.

He ordered all colonists who had already pushed across the Allegheny Mountains to immediately go back to wherever they had come from. He did this so that he would not have to fight another war, this time with the Indians. This act was very unpopular. The colonists felt that if they wanted to move into the hostile Indian territory, it should be their decision.

King George III also sent ten thousand troops to the colonies, to warn any French who wanted to try to make the colonies theirs. He, and Prime Minister George Grenville believed that the colonists should pay for these troops. So he taxed all of the Americans to pay for the troop's salaries, supplies, and other expenses. The colonists had to buy a stamp to pay for the necessities in their lives. And if you did not...