Reward and Recognize

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Cohen (1997) have found to cost of replacing a register nurse is placed at about $7000 and in a 200 unit chain can expect to incur about $10.3 million in turnover cost per year. The loss of talented employees may be very detrimental to the age care success.

Outstanding employees may leave an organization because they become dissatisfied, underpay or unmotivated and outstanding performance is not reward so while trying to retain employees within the organization may present a challenge (Scott, J 2002).

Reinforce motivationMotivation is a reflection of the reasons why people do things, all behavior, all behavior is therefore based on choice- people choose o do thing that they do, and sometimes this choice is very restricted.

People need rewards, both extrinsic (money, trappings and status) and intrinsic (challenge and achievement), also people need to be accepted, recognized and valued by others, this value arises through a combination of pursuing thing that the individual knows or perceives will be valued by those around them.

Commitment and retention of employeesEmployees who are committed to implementing the change will be expected to adapt their behavior to be consistent with the spirit of the change, however, the changes is depend on the nature of their commitment(Scott, 2002).

Research has found, commitment is accompanied by a mind- set of desire, the behavioral consequences of commitment are perceived by the individual to be broader than when commitment is accompanied by a mind set of perceived cost or obligation (Salton, Soltysik, 2000). Such as when employees want to engage in a course of action because of attachment to, identification with, or shared values with the target of the commitment, they are less sensitive to cues that potentially delimit the behavior. Moreover, those with higher levels of affective commitment were more likely than those with...