Reward Systems

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An effective employee reward system for a human services organization should contain items that are acceptable by both the employer and employees. Reward systems are made for both the employee and employer because happy employees make a productive work environment which makes the employer happy. An effective system will have item that are worth going for, which makes the employee more motivated, to do his best work. The employees are almost guaranteed to work more effectively with the right incentives in place.

How a company motivates their employees can affect the whole business, properly motivated employees can improve a business. "Achievement-motivated people are not necessarily motivated by the rewards of success. Motivation is directed more toward accomplishments"(Kettner 2002). A business with weak motivation techniques can produce severe workplace difficulties. Motivation is essential for any business to have objectives in place which gives the employees a feeling of direction. It also gives them a way to assess their performance.

It is nearly impossible for employers to inspire employees without some sort of aim or goals. When the goals are recognized then employers can pinpoint ways to motivate employees in different sections.

To make certain the incentive system is efficient and inspires the preferred actions, it is vital to think cautiously about the rewards and approaches used and guarantee the bonuses are associated to or based on how the employee functions. "Well-designed work assignments will ensure meaningful work, achievement, and other such intrinsic rewards" (Kettner 2002). To be successful, any type of assessment system should be attached to rewards or some sort of incentive. Gratifying an employees performance ought to be a continuing business endeavor, not merely a once a year bonus. End of the year bonuses are terrific but something needs to be used for the time in between.

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