Are Rewards Really Rewarding?

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In todays society, its all about " what is in it for me?". We are always looking for what we are going to benefit for the situation. But where does this all begin? Are rewards in school really healthy for the young upcoming generation? Or does rewarding students for their effortss create them into selfih beings? Rewards can make kids become selfish by making them look for their own benefits, and not for what would make the group better as a whole. If the class is to be rewarded for a can drive for unfortunate, they are not thinking about the person in need. they are thinking about what they will get for " helping" them but not taking consideration that these people suffer everyday. They are more caught up in what kind of pizza they will recieve for the party that will be given for their efforts. Also they will leard that a few cans will get them out of a few hours of the daily curriculum.

And again children can be deprived of their morality. Because they will look for their benefits and if there are none they are less likely to help out. As a summary rewards are not rewarding.