Rewriting Fingersmith by Sarah Waters from Mrs Sucksby's point of view

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Rewriting 'FingerSmith' from Mrs Sucksby's point of view

Why shouldn't I get paid for all these years loving what I have given? Since that night on 1844 have I looked after the girl, and what have I got from it? Six shillings, a few days pay for years of work. Now that an opportunity to get my rightful pay has come up why should I not take it? It is my right. It is hurting the girl what makes me feel bad.

I suppose though that I can't make her any more mixed up than she already is, what with all these stories that I has been telling her. She don't know her real birthday nor what her real mother were like. I has told her the same story every time she asks about her mother.

She asks me to tell her about it again, so I does.

'What were she like Mrs Sucksby?'

I tells her that she was fair 'Fairer than you, but sharp, like you, about the face.'I am not lying, it did happen, I am just changing a few details; I am doing nothing wrong in telling her what I have gone through. 'I feared for your mother as she were thin as paper. I thought it good to put her upstairs, no one knew she was here save me and Mr. Ibbs. For she wanted none to know, said she was wanted by the police of four divisions. She said that if she were to be found then she would be left swinging from the rope.'

'What were her lay Mrs Sucksby?'

'Said her lay were just prigging but I think that it must have been much worse.'

This girl to which I was speaking, her girl, was born in that room which...