rewritten chapter in Of Mice And Men

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Crooks' Point Of View

I faced her; the flirtatious, fiery demon who downgraded me at any chance she had. I stood up. Coldly turning to her in anger, I spoke fiercely "I had enough." All my life I have been treated like I am nothing, I am inferior to the rest of society because of my dark skin, although I too was born here in California and have just as many rights as white people do. I am painfully aware that my skin colour keeps me divided in my culture, however I do not want to live being beaten down by loneliness and being suspicious of any kindness I receive because I am constantly treated prejudicially. I want to be treated equally.

Lennie had treated me equally because he had not understood the unwritten code of racial segregation. He questioned why I was not wanted, realised that I too had feelings that could be shattered in spite or built in kindness and saw me as equal.

That is all I would ever ask for. Lennie had given me the confidence to believe in my dreams and I suddenly I was filled with perpetual hope that change could come. Desperately hoping for my endless wish to become reality, I heard footsteps...

Reality was danger, it was her. Strutting in her ruby shoes, she approached me angrily. A spiteful sound swamped my soul, as she bellowed the dreaded words "Listen, Nigger." My world crashed, and I instantly fell back in place. The loathed words drowned my head and the awkwardness hung heavily upon my shoulders. Unwillingly forced to remember who I was, she shoved me back to the needless place of the negro. Where we are given neither substance nor meaning. Unsolicited, superfluous, dispensable. Accepting that she is right, I am just...