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Rhetorical Analysis of Two PSA

It was interesting to read that the Keep America Beautiful ad was aired on Earth Day in 1971. I was not alive at that time, but pollution was a heavy issue at the time. The recent Canadian PSA was aired in 2006 and I feel focuses on the environment on a broader outlook. The Native American actor, Iron Eyes Cody, was a movie actor at the time. It was interesting to find out that he became the face of environmental consciousness in the 1970's. The reason that Public Service Announcements started being aired was to get the general public's attention on issues going on in the world. These ads are on common ground in the effect to catch the viewer's attention, but with them being aired forty-five years apart it also makes them very different. Technology has obviously changed drastically in the forty-five year span and affects the quality of the video.

The target audience on these ads is drastically different and can change the effectiveness of them as a whole. Pollution and littering, in my opinion, are sub topics of the global warming problem. I feel that these two ads have much in common, but also differ completely.

Technology of different times

Commercial technology has advanced in an amazing way in the past fifty years. Watching these two ads is a perfect example of this advancement. Keeping America Beautiful is very basic with Iron Eyes paddling down the river in his canoe. He then gets out of his canoe and walks by the highway only to get a bag of trash thrown in his face. Regardless of the effectiveness of this PSA, it was probably a much cheaper PSA compared to the Canadian WWF ad. The WWF ad used computer graphics and was able...