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8 September 2014

The Meat Locker of Ethics

In America, three-point-seven percent of the population believe claiming vegetarianism is the most ethical way to get their daily nutrients. But Jay Bost believes that a person can ethically gobble down food as a vegetarian or a meat-eater as long as their consumption of food is held to certain standards. Along with the use of ethos, pathos, logos he made his article effective by organizing the information in way that was easy to comprehend from paragraph to paragraph.

Jay Bost's creditability has been butchered due to his skewed past of lifestyle choices. When Jay Bost was writing this article to the educated vegetarians and meat-eaters he was informing them of his personal choices of ethical eating. The article was written in a knowledgeable and a stand-alone point of view. The tone of the article was written to inform the readers without offending either parties.

Bost used copious amounts of information to write this article to help convey his point across. Logos is most effective when information is not extraneous and is used to support the general argument or topic. Bost uses this quite efficiently when he pulls a quote from Aldo Leopold's land ethic to show that everything is alright when it holds its integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community of living things. When Bost uses a little animal science to explain how the free ranged cow use sunlight captured by plants, turn the plants into protein, and then turn that cow into ground beef, they begin to question their choices. Through the information he provides, he gives ample reason to support his claim that consumerism can be ethical from either stance.

From an ethical standpoint, Bost proves to...