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Paige Horn

English 5


21 October 2014

Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

What is a rhetorical analysis? A rhetorical analysis is a type of criticism in which you look at the factors that affect a rhetorical situation such as: the purpose the author is writing, who the intended audience is, the stance or persona the writer is taking, the genre or text that the information is presented in, and the context or the actual writing itself. What you may not know is that as a human being you are analyzing something everyday; whether that be what you wear to school, a speech your classmate just gave, or even an advertisement seen on television or on the Internet. In this essay I will be rhetorically analyzing an advertisement that I have chosen and will discuss how the text uses rhetorical strategies to create an argument.

The ad that I chose is about wanting to stop obesity and how it is an enormous problem among young children in the United States. Obesity is defined as a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body. In this paper I will discuss the purpose, target audience, persona, text, and context of this obesity advertisement and how it influences the logical, emotional, and ethical appeals on the audience.

The purpose of this advertisement is to make it a point that obesity is an ongoing problem in young children and that it needs to be stopped. This advertiser writes "WARNING" in all caps and in bold red writing to establish their point of view, which is that child obesity in a problem in the U.S. The writer does this type of writing to attract the audience because the word is bigger and...