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October 13, 2014

Comparison Paper

O brother, where art thou? which is a story based off the classic epic The Odyssey, revolving around three men who escaped from prison and are now looking for a treasure, but along the way they come across many different obstacles such as missing a train, a deceitful preacher, police, and even the KKK. Pilgrim's Progress, which is a story about a man named Christian who decides to pick up his cross and follow Jesus, along this way he comes across many dangers from dragons to deceitful men who try and detour him from reaching the Celestial City. Of the many tropes that can be found in both O brother, where art thou? And Pilgrims Progress, Stay on the Path is the one that will be compared between the two.

From the opening scene of O brother, where art thou? we see a chain gang of which the three men escape, from there their journey begins from trying to catch a moving train to trying to get their shackles off but only to be sold out by one of the three men's brother.

(O brother) The three would ultimately go through a wild array of adventures only to find out that the treasure they set out for was just a lie in order to stop a wedding from happening but the story never veers from the trope Stay on the Path. No matter if it was to find the treasure or stop a weeding the men went from one mission to the other. (O brother) Although the movie through what seemed like the most random events to happen to any one person the three adventurists managed to make it...