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Did you know one half of the human population depends on rice as food? Myself is included because I lived in India for 13 years. India is part of Asia which is one of the number one places where rice is used the most. So I grew up eating rice every day and I think rice was my second food that I ate besides drinking milk when I was baby. And there was another interesting point that I grow up on a farm. So I know everything about rice how it grow, and where rice came from. Mostly, I knew about white rice because my regions use white rice for almost everything. I have also couple rice recipe which I will share in the research paper. That will make you feel that you want to eat rice too!

I am going to tell you how to plant rice field and how to organize it step by step.

First we need to purchase rice seeds from any gardening or farmer's supply store. You may also select which rice plants you want. I had choose long grain. This rice produces grain that are light and fluffy. Then we have choose the planting location and make sure the soil in the area you're planting involves of somewhat acid soil for the best results. Rice is a water loving plant which is grown in north-eastern states, all rounds the year if water is available through rain. Also make sure you have a reliable water basis and a way to drain that water when you need to harvest. Similarly you need to consider the season for rice needs 3 to 6 months of plant growth. Rice needs a long, warm growing season. Soak the seeds...