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Nice Rack "Look at the size of that rack," dad whispered to me. My eyes widened and mouth fell open with excitement, as I stared at a buck that was standing at our bait pile. At age fourteen, this was my first time hunting, so I had no clue what to do. From the massive size of the deer, I knew this would be a nerve-racking, memorable experience that would never slip my mind.

"Be calm and grab your gun," dad whispered with excitement. Slowly reaching with my trembling hand, I clinched the stock of the rifle. I hoisted the gun inch by inch up on the rest, my teeth biting down on my lip, concentrating on not making the slightest sound. Sluggishly, I brought my head down to the scope and swallowed hard as my mouth became dry. As I squinted my eyes and nervously peered down the scope, my heart pounded against my chest as I gazed with anticipation.

"How many points is it?" dad questioned. "Twe-twelve," I tensely stuttered. "This is the one. When you think you have a shot, pop'um," dad mumbled sitting at the edge of his seat, his hands tensely interlocked, nervously rocking in the chair, waiting anxiously for the shot. From squinting too long, my eyes started to twitch and I could faintly see the deer get broadside to me. "This is my chance," I thought out loud. Sweat was slowly dripping down the side of my body, my muscles tightening, both hands quivering, my breathing becoming heavy, buck fever was here and it was getting the best of me. "Calm down and shoot," was the thought running through my head. I leisurely squeezed the trigger. POW!! That is all I could hear as the sound echoed through the woods.

The deer leaped into the air from the pain of the bullet landing a direct hit. I jolted my head away from the scope to look up and see my first kill sprint off into the woods. "I got'um," I cheered to dad, as I shot out of my seat. With a smile on his face and giving me a high five, dad laughed, "Yes, you did and you did a hell of a job." My body started to tingle, as happiness and excitement ran from head to toe. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and thought to myself, "I did it, I got my first buck." I sat at the edge of my seat anxiously waiting for dad to give the okay to go and track the deer. Twiddling my thumbs and replaying the whole moment through my head, I finally asked dad, "Can we go find it now, I can't wait anymore?" Dad looked at me and with a smirk nodded his head "yes". Springing from my chair, I gasped the door handle and threw the door open. I knew exactly right where it fell, so I dashed to the spot, leaving dad behind. I was proudly standing over my kill, hands on my hips, my head up high, and bragged to dad, "None of your deer have been this big." Thinking that dad was going to gut the deer, he handed me the knife and stated, "This is your deer, and you have to do it." That process wasn't too pretty, but that whole day would be one of the most exciting days in my life.