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hey all!! this is a short essay i wrote for my english class on richard branson. its actually a greatest briton thing, i had trouble finding a greatest briton so peeps out there heres my biography on it can be also used as a the way, im in the highertier group...

Richard Branson - greatest briton

How do we determine the greatest Briton? Is it by what they've done? How long they've done it for? what they have achieved? Well, there is one man who's name pops up under all of these things, Richard Branson. Richard Branson is the most exciting and personable businessman alive. He has achieved what most young professionals could only dream of: incredible wealth, fame, and acknowledgment, all the while still managing to have a good time. What does that tell you about him? There are few businessmen who have been as flamboyant -- or as successful -- as Richard Branson. For those of you who don't know, he is the founder of the Virgin Music label, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and Virgin Cola. He has unusual methods when it comes to doing business, but they work. And chances are that no one has had as much fun on the road to becoming a billionaire than Branson did. How do you know though, for a businessman, when is a career considered accomplished? Making $100 million, $1 billion, or changing the world? Well, Richard Branson has done all those things, and there is not much more left to achieve. Richard has an uncanny ability to convince anyone of his ambitions and ideals, which makes him a strong character and shows he believes in himself. He is the head of his multi-billion dollar corporation as well as its spokesperson. How many people have achieved...