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Richard Nixon Richard Milhous Nixon was born in the small Californian town of Yorba Linda.

Richard was named after the Lion Hearted king of England "Milhous" it was also his mother's maiden name. The Nixon family was a Quaker family. His father was married into it.

Richard was an extremely fussy infant, but luckily to his parents he grew up to a very quiet and smart little boy. He loved reading and researching and, was a very intelligent and talented boy.

A few years later the family moved from Yorba Linda to Whittier, another Quaker town near by. Richard ended up growing up there and he went to the local college. His father opened a store there and the whole family helped out there. The boys started working there at a very young age.

In 1964 after Richards Discharge from the Navy Richard and Pat Nixon were ready to have their first-born child and Richard was ready to make his first run for office.

The committee of 100 (a group of prominent republicans in the 12th district of California) asked Nixon to run for U.S. House of Representatives. Nixon immediately jumped to the opportunity.

This opponent was going to be extremely hard to beat; he was voted "most honest congressman" and "hardest working congressman" by the Washington D.C, Press, to add to the almost perfect ratings, he had been elected to the house five times. And even this man, Jerry Voorhis, didn't stop Nixon from trying.

The Campaign was hard and they stuck with it. Pat was working full time supporting her husband completely. And still, falling for some typical campaign tricks.

She worked daily as hard as she could until 4 days before she gave birth to their daughter Patricia.

Nixon beat Voorhis in 1946, this was his...