Richard the Third

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Richard III

Characterization of Richard and His Evil Ways

In Shakespear's Richard the Third, it is undoubtable that Richard is the plays villain, but oddly enough he is also the plays protagonist. For much of the production one doesn't know wether they sympathize with Richard, or detest him. This is why Richard is one of the most brilliant characters in litterary history. Due to the brilliance that your oppinion of him is constantly developing and changing right along with him.

We can most likely account Richards childhood for much of his evil nature. Born a sickly child, there is no doubt that Richard began his life with feelings of inferiority towards his twelve healthy older brothers and sisters. His living situation was also less than ideal. Throughout his childhood records show he spent time living with an assortment of different noble family friends. His parents were most likely not giving him the love and affirmation that all children, especially those who are born deformed, need.

As a result Richard's "super ego" was most likely underdeveloped leading to weak personality traits.

As an adult Richard grew to look toward other ways to reassure himself. Being raised in a time where there were ongoing battles fought in the name of power and wealth that probably became a means he felt would provide that affirmation. Lacking the regular super ego morals most adult grow to hold sacred, Richard was a person that would go to any means to achieve his goal.

In William Shakespear's Richard the third we find just that, a man who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Yet the way in which his character is written in the beginning of the play despite all evidence, we, as the reader, can't help but somewhat like Richard. He...