Riches to Rags: A Nation Of Slobs?

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In this year, day, and time peoples dressing sense has decreased. I can analyze this because at one time in this world men would wear ties to funerals and women would wear nice skirts and dresses. These days instead of dressing up people are dressing down you will see women wearing jeans and men without a tie at a funeral. In the old days people would dress appropriately because they thought the way they dressed represented a part of them, it was called "class". I'm not saying people don't dress classy these days but you will see most Americans wearing sweats, t-shirts, and shorts. Even in the working world there are lots of people who do not dress professionally for example, you will see women wearing halter tops, tank tops, flip flops. In other words let us say flashy clothes. Another point I can bring up is there used to be a dress code in schools and colleges but now kids abandoned the dress code because in their point of view the way they dress is apart of who they are.

Honestly, I also disagreed with school dress codes because you should be able to represent who you are by the way you dress. But when it comes down to the working world I would most definitely agree with having an appropriate dress code because it is most important to look professional at a job.

Ten or 15 years ago, it was common for high-end restaurants to have strictly enforced dress codes. But those days are gone. When you go to a nice restaurant and spend a lot of money for dinner, you hate to sit next to people wearing shorts and sandals. People don't pay attention to the way they dress. They come as they are. If they could...