Riddle of the Zoot

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RIDDLE OF THE ZOOT : Malcolm Little and Black Cultural Politics During World War II by Robin Kelley

The riddle of the zoot has been written by Robin Davis Gibran Kelly, who is an american writer. He was born in 1962. He is a professor and he teaches history, African - American studies and he worked in prestigious universities like Oxford and the New York university. He has published many books in which he has written about the african americans. He focuses on the african american culture, which are the dance , music and the way they are dressed. The passage 'Riddle of the zoot' is one of the chapters , which is found in the third part of the book, Race Rebels Culture, Politics, and the Black Working Class. It is a non fictional book and it was published in 1994. The author deals mainly with issues which comprises of the impact made by black members on American politics and culture especially under the twentieth century, where there were a lot of discriminations and racism. Though slavery was abolished in America, there was still many discrimination in some parts of America. The book is divided in three parts with eight chapters, the first part is 'we wear the mask',, the second part, 'to be red and black' and the third part is 'rebels without a cause' having a subpart, the Riddle of the zoot.The Riddle of the zoot is based on the autobiography of Malcom Little. His autobigraphy was written by himself and the journalist known Alex Haley. It was published in 1965. It is about the life of the human activist fom his birth to death in 1965. Malcom Little was also known as Malcom X. He was born Malcom Little, and also known as...