The Ride of Your Life The story of Lyn St.James

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There's no sound in the world like the scream of an Indy car. The seamless vibrato of an

eight cylinder engine humming at over 10,000rpm's and the nerve wracking pitch change

as an open wheel race car flies by at 200 miles per hour are sounds everybody knows.

Sitting in the custom molded race seat a few inches off the ground, the most dominant

sound you hear is a constant high-pitched wail, a noise that is at once as beautiful as a

concert piano and as unnerving as a sonic boom. With a chance to experience something

like this, what would you do? The answer is anything, and all NASCAR drivers have to

contend with that wide open range of possibilities. Lyn St.James more so than most,

because besides the usual problems and strife, she also had to contend with being only the

second female to every try and race on the professional circuit.

In her accomplishments,

Lyn proved herself to be a determined and perseverant individual.

Even before she started racing this was true, growing up she already likes racing,

but when her mother found out she scolded Lyn, and told her that she was never to race

again, that she should study the piano and become a secretary like a proper lady. And Lyn

did just that, she went to school and became a secretary for U.S. Steel in Cleveland, and

taught piano part-time. When she married John Carusso she got back into racing, not

personally, but as a handy girl for his pit crew and garage while he was racing in a small

circuit knows as SCCA. When he moved up to a corvette and a higher circuit of racing

he loaned her the 1973 ford pinto he had been racing and she took it...